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Labcourse on Highpower Semiconductor Devices

General Information
Modul Number
Course of Studies
  Master EI / MSPE / Diplom EI
ECTS   6
Block course
The course will be held separately in german and english language
groups of 2 students
Duration   5 days, 8:00-16:00
No. of Participants
Group 1: 12 students
Group 2: 12 students


  Building N4, room N-1408B (basement)

- written report per person (10% of final grade)

- oral exam with own report as auxiliary material (90% of final grade)

Written report which can be used and will be reviewed during the oral exam (10% of the final grade), 1 report per person

Registration for the Course 

Tum Online
Registration for the Exam
TUM Online
First day of the labcourse
Next courses 
Group 1: 09. - 13.09.2019
Group 2: 16. - 20.09.2019
Group 1: 25.09.2019
Group 2: 02.10.2019
you will get your time slot during the lab course
oral exam will be 90% of your final grade
Tasks to prepare the next course (pdf file, please choose your language): german or english
Literature and online research:
Basic functionality of MOSFETs, IGBTs, PIN-diodes: designs, functionality, forward and reverse recovery behavior, breakdown behavior, current voltage characteristics, temperature dependence MOSFET: output and transfer characteristics, body diode
For example:
Physics of semiconductor devices, Sze (chapters 2,8)
Power semiconductors, Linder
Contact   R. Schönmann
W. Hölzl
Please be punctual. Students that are late are replaced by the next student on the waiting list and therefore cannot participate.
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